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Quoakle launches “How to” series of Screencasts

The Quoakle team is committed to keeping its reputation as possibly the easiest directory to use on the web. Not only are we continuing to enhance the simple navigation, but we are also looking for fresh ways to communicate with our users.  We want to make sure they have found the best way to use Quoakle's innovative graphical directory for their particular personal requirements.So, here is the first in the "How To " series launched this weekend.

Why Quoakle?

You are probably wondering why the name Quoakle?In September 2006 when the first part of the directory was launched we were using the name Gardening Pixels and were going to follow up with Restaurant Pixels. On the advice of our intellectual property solicitor we started looking for a unique brand name. There were some pretty unusual ideas from Orange custard to Blue pipes to Yoakle...Stoakle...Zoakle. If you live in Gloucestershire you might spot the connection with Oakle Street, a small hamlet west of Gloucester.It was Nigel's sister that came up with the final name we settled on ... QUOAKLE, and the rest is history!