Website Design

Who We Are

TCD Web Design is a Gloucestershire based website design company. Started in September, 2015 by Timothy Davis it aims to provide its customers with beautiful, simple to use websites at an affordable price.

TCD Web Design is closely linked with Churcham Website Design and, as well as the Graphical Directory, three parts of a creative media team based in Gloucestershire.

Our most significant project to date has been the recent redevelopment and redesign of the highly acclaimed Days Out Directory – Great Days Out as well as our latest directory – Wheelchair Accessible , things to do at home. Quoakle Director, Nigel Steele, has had many new ideas and is developing a number of additional online directories: Eat Unique. , Green Construction , Christian Schools , Christian Bookshops and Coffee shops in Cheltenham.

Over the years, the Quoakle team has diversified into Website Design and Website Promotion, particularly supporting SMEs and Charities in the UK.

The Quoakle team look after a wide range of clients including Chimney Sweep in Devon, Secure Dog Walking Field, Books for Schools  and Synthetic Grass Suppliers.
Quoakle has been privileged to help a number of charities and educational projects. Diamond Books is a Bible-based reading project which aims to publish Bible Stories for Children that lay foundations for children’s lives not only for their reading development but also for their understanding of God and his plans.

We are also pleased to be offering SEO services to a number of companies and projects including Oxford Nutritional Therapist  and  Artificial Grass, A-Life , Public Speaking Courses , Free Days Out London, Character Counter, Lego Minifigures, Sports injury clinic Gloucester, Naive Artist, Garden Building, Sussex Wedding Photographer and Cotswolds Photo Library .

The SEO team continue to work with a few non-profit enterprises on website promotion including the Values FoundationRSE AuthenticWorld Around Us , Parent Power and 40 Days, Passion Plays, Passion Trust,

As we are big football enthusiasts, we found this to be a handy little website too – Your Soccer Home!


What We Do

TCD Website Design aims to provide website design packages to its customers at an affordable price. We aim to put a customer’s needs at the forefront of any project we undertake.

This means that we produce websites built specifically to a customer’s needs and wishes. We are not satisfied with a website until the customer is.