Month: November 2011

New Dropdown Buttons Go Live

For Quoakle, navigation is a high priority - helping our users go from page to page quickly and easily, so they and you can find what you're looking for.At the bottom of each page, you will have noticed links to other topics in that county, and also users have been able to travel from e.g. our 'Pets' page in one county over to another 'Pets' page in a different county using the simple dropdown menus. Well - now there are buttons to make it even clearer to new users that Quoakle works in this way!Try it out now! Go to Quoakle the UK Web Directory and choose your topic. I fancy going out to a restaurant, so I'd choose Gloucestershire, then Restaurants to look for local Restaurants. What a great selection! However, I'm also willing to travel a bit, and live close to Herefordshire, so now I can click on the Other Counties button at the top of the page, and instantly look at the Restaurants available in Herefordshire. Simplicity itself!We're excited that more people using Quoakle are going to see much more easily how to move around the website. We hope you will do too!

No. 1 on Google for Cheltenham and Gloucester Restaurants!

For several months Quoakle has been No. 1 on Google for the Keyword Phrase: Cheltenham Restaurants. This has been bringing thousands of visitors to Quoakle's easy-to-use Restaurant Directory. Now the restaurant directory is starting to receive visitors who have typed in the Keyword Phrase: Gloucester Restaurants. Great news for all the restaurants advertising on Quoakle's Gloucestershire Restaurant Directory!