Month: April 2014

Another Quoakle milestone… Half a Million pageviews!

Quoakle's graphical directory has reached another great milestone ...  half a million pageviews!Information taken from Google Analytics on Wednesday 9th April 2014 reveals that there have now been 583,436 pageviews since July 2007. Those visits were made by over 239,757 unique visitors to the directory!Over 87.02% of visits to the directory were made by visitors who hadn't been on Quoakle before.So lots of reasons to be encouraged by the progress that's been made especially considering the decision of the directors not to continue actively promoting the directory last Autumn and the related fall in visitors to Quoakle since September 2013. During this spring, however, visits are again rising without any money being spent on advertising the graphical directory. The latest figures from Alexa show Quoakle having its highest ever Alexa position as one of the top 2 million websites in the world at 1,761,851.The Quoakle team looks ahead to the next six months with excitement and anticipation.If you haven't been on Quoakle - the graphical directory yet, try it today, tell your friends and join the Quoakle-ution!