Month: May 2012

Navigation! Navigation! Navigation!

For Quoakle's Web Design team, navigation continues to be our top priority - helping our users go from page to page really quickly ... finding what they are looking for so easily.Six months ago, Quoakle's graphical directory was significantly upgraded through the introduction of dropdown menus and buttons for Counties and Topics, just below the header on each logo page. The new buttons made it clear especially to new users how to move around the directory.Today marks the launch of the brand new dropdown menu design!The new design incorporates changes to the button design and also to the way the dropdown menu works, not to mention the exciting introduction of a new button, enabling users to focus their search more specifically on a town or a city.Special thanks to Jon Parker from Parkwood Digital for the design and coding of the new dropdown menus and to Jeremy Onion who integrated the new code into the Quoakle CMS.Try it out now! Go to Quoakle's UK Directory and choose your topic. If you live in Gloucestershire and are going out for the day, you'd choose Gloucestershire, then Days Out to look for local attractions and leisure activities. What a great selection! However, you're also willing to travel a... Read More

Quoakle’s Simple Navigation Gets Even Better!

Quoakle's reputation as the innovative, graphical website directory, providing quick links to local websites, continues to grow.The simple page layout and easy-to-use navigation with attractive colour-themed buttons has few rivals for user-friendliness and yet the Quoakle team continues to look for ways to improve user experience.For Quoakle, navigation is a high priority - helping our users go from page to page quickly and easily, so they and you can find what you're looking for with the minimum of effort and in as intuitive way as possible. At the bottom of each "logo page", you will have noticed links to other topics in that county, and also users have been able to move for example from our 'Days Out' page in one county over to another 'Days Out' page in a different county using the simple dropdown menus.The latest development is the attractive, new home button in the top right-hand corner of each topic logo page. The new home page button helps to make it clearer particularly to new users how to get to the Quoakle home page. The majority of first time users of Quoakle arrive on a topic logo page from a Google organic listing due to Quoakle's growing success... Read More