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May Half Term in the UK

The Half term in May is only a week or two away now - dates that most schoolchildren have probably already memorised by now!School holidays and term times can vary depending on which part of the country you live in. However the majority of kids will have the May half term break between May 29th and June 2nd.So, where does one go? Well, depending on where you live of course, but for starters we think the East Midlands is brilliant. The South West has got some great scenic routes. Yorkshire and the Humber is a region which you can never grow tired of and there is always something to see in Essex and Kent! The valleys in Wales are breathtaking as are the mountainous views of Scotland. Let's not forget Northern Ireland either which is fantastic in the summer! With over 64 counties in the UK to choose from, just click on Great Days Out to find out more about what these islands can offer you!If you are not sure what you would like to do in the UK either, then you have the option to browse by Category. This gives you 12 options to choose from - from Adventure Activities too Museums and Galleries!We are easy... Read More


Timothy has been working alongside the Quoakle team for a number of months now. He has been a valuable asset to our team as he has been on hand to help us revamp and create websites for our ever expanding clientèle!The goal of his company is to provide its customers with beautiful, simple to use websites at an affordable price.TCD Web Design is closely linked with Churcham Website Design and Quoakle, two parts of a creative media team based in Gloucestershire. will be going through a transformation soon!

Yes, as the post suggests, Quoakle will be getting a new look soon. Over the years it has seen several changes and has been expanding ever since it first appeared on the internet way back in 2006! Since then, there has been a steady increase of businesses being advertised, as well as an expansion of the number of topics and categories on display. It is amazing to think that it has been going for 10 years now!To bring the directory up-to-date we have taken on board a young man by the name of Tim Coysh who has been assisting us in updating the Quoakle website. We are excited to see what has been done already and we are all looking forward to showing off the new look once it has been completed! So, keep your ears to the ground. Watch this space!

Quoakle gets a new look for 2015!

This is how you remember the Quoakle home page:Now we are excited to be displaying the new look showing the different devices with which Quoakle can be found and used:

Introducing the Quoakle’s Restaurant Directories

During Autumn 2012, the Quoakle team began launching its new portfolio of Restaurant Directories.The latest to hit Google's top page is Hereford Restaurants.Building on the expertise gained through the development of Quoakle's easy-to-use local business directory, the team launched a series of restaurant directories in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. We used exact match domain names in order to be found easily on search engines such as Google. The following are the Quoakle Restaurant Directories now live on the web:Gloucester RestaurantsCheltenham RestaurantsRestaurant OxfordWorcester RestaurantsCoffee Shops in GloucestershireTea Rooms in GloucestershireSo what's special about a Quoakle Restaurant Directory?... It's quick and easy to use!Drawing on ideas refined on Quoakle's local business directory, we wanted to create a restaurant directory with a clean, clear look, and a simple page layout. On a Quoakle Restaurant Directory, we want to promote each restaurant's brand through the prominent display of its logo as well as enable users to see at a glance exactly what they want ... and very quickly!Our mission is to connect local people quickly and easily with local restaurants as well as helping those visiting an area to find out where to eat, as simply as possible.... It's easy to find on... Read More

Top Ten Listings on Google!

During the last six months, from March 1st to August 31st 2012, the visits to Quoakle from Google's Organic listings have risen by an exciting 91.87% when compared with the previous six months! Going up from 15,603 to 29,745.  This exciting development is largely due to Quoakle's strong performance from its Days Out and Leisure pages in the Google listings .To take a look at Quoakle's UK Days Out home page click on the link.Quoakle now has 64 County pages of links to UK Days Out websites! ... Activities for Children, Family Days Out, Adventure and Leisure Activities and Places to Visit. Visitors to Quoakle are now landing on Days Out pages for counties all around England and Wales. The most popular pages are:Days Out in Gloucestershire, Days Out in Worcestershire and Days Out in Bristol. However, we are seeing an increasing number of visitors arriving at Quoakle on the pages for Days Out in Somerset and Days Out in Cornwall where Quoakle is placed No. 3 and No. 2 respectively on the Google listings. The Quoakle team is confident we are going to see a continuing increase in visits to Quoakle's Days Out pages in the coming months and Quoakle becoming... Read More

Quoakle’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations!

At the beginning of October, Quoakle celebrated its third birthday.Quoakle staff wanted to do something a bit different from the usual sort of birthday celebration and hatched a plan to help a third world charity.Keeping it in the family, Quoakle's Head of Web Development, Mark Finney, teamed up with dad, Steve, who works for the Christian charity, Interserve. One of Interserve's projects is helping villages in North India get clean drinking water by digging new wells.On Saturday 24th October, Steve drove Interserve's promotional rickshaw into the centres of Cheltenham and Gloucester.The weather in Cheltenham was wet and windy so not very good for busking. However, the determined Quoakle musicians still played quite a few jazz and other easy-listening songs.The authentic, Indian rickshaw created plenty of interest on the journeys from Churcham to Cheltenham and from Cheltenham to Gloucester, driving at the front of a convoy of Quoakle vehicles.On arriving in Gloucester's Eastgate Street, the rickshaw was parked in the covered walkway outside BHS, where shoppers were also able to enjoy some quality busking from Quoakle staff cum musicians. On the guitar was Ben Steele, keyboard Mike Gladwell and Saxophone Tim Steele. The weather in Gloucester was fine and so hundreds... Read More

Why Quoakle?

You are probably wondering why the name Quoakle?In September 2006 when the first part of the directory was launched we were using the name Gardening Pixels and were going to follow up with Restaurant Pixels. On the advice of our intellectual property solicitor we started looking for a unique brand name. There were some pretty unusual ideas from Orange custard to Blue pipes to Yoakle...Stoakle...Zoakle. If you live in Gloucestershire you might spot the connection with Oakle Street, a small hamlet west of Gloucester.It was Nigel's sister that came up with the final name we settled on ... QUOAKLE, and the rest is history!