Month: September 2016

Great Days Out is getting Greater – Update

This is just another quick update regarding what we have been doing on the Great Days Out directory!We have been continually creating new topic pages on our directory. It is ongoing work and does take time, but we can let you know that we have set up the following topics : means that there will be 12 Topic webpages which will cover the 12 Regions of the UK! These latest URL's are still in the incubation period but will be unleashed on the unsuspecting Internet world very soon! Our hope is that we will see an increase in visitors to the directory as well as increasing our Google rating. This will also give existing clients the opportunity to have more advertising links on the website. All in all, a benefit to all concerned!Below is a snapshot of the new #Arts and #Crafts webpage.

Great Days Out is getting Greater!

As promised form our previous blog, we have been continuing creating more webpages and content and wanted to let you all know what has been happening! We stated that we had just launched Animal and Wildlife Parks in the beginning of the month, well we have launched several other topics since then!May we introduce the new editions, Family Attractions, Historic Houses and Castles, Museums and Galleries, Outdoor Activities, and Play Centres. This has been an exciting development as it will increase the number of webpages on our directory and give us scope to deliver an even better service to our existing and new customers! There will be even more topics arriving on the directory. We will keep you all posted as these developments take place.Below is a snapshot of the Historic Houses and Castles webpage. More to follow...

Exciting News from Great Days Out and other stuff

Over the last couple of weeks the brains behind Great Days Out have been busy looking at ways to improve the use-ability of the directory. It was felt that we needed more content but also more webpages.You will be seeing some changes on the website, where we will be launching various topics on the directory. This will give visitors a more robust experience. We have already set up 'Animals and Wildlife Parks' and from there, we will be rolling out more topics - from 'Great Outdoors' to 'Historic Buildings'! It's quite exciting to see the website expand in size and content.A few months ago we mentioned about changes to our Quoakle website too. Due to the size of the website, this will be taking a lot longer then expected. Added to this, Tim Coysh had started a new job in the beginning of the summer, so delays were inevitable. Regardless we will try to keep you all up-to-date on all of our latest news.Finally, it looks like Tim Davis won't be going to Australia until April of next year. Fortunately for us, he will be around until then which we are truly grateful for! His assistance in these various projects have been invaluable.... Read More