Month: March 2016

We have a new Great Days Out banner!

Some of you may have noticed over the Easter Weekend that there has been a change in our Social Media advertising!We felt that our Great Days Out branding needed a 'touch up', so we had Stephen Holdstock from come up with a few ideas. He has been instrumental in helping the Quoakle team with website design over the years and is a valued asset.After a few ideas, we all came to a decision as to what looked the best and now what you will see across all of our Great Days Out Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook accounts is our brand new banner!You can see that we have incorporated a lot of symbolism, representing various images of what the Outdoors in the UK has to offer. We hope you like it!

Happy Easter Holidays

We wish you all a Happy Easter and that you will be able to enjoy the bank holidays. Thankfully Spring has arrived and we can look forward to longer and warmer days. This week, why not take the family out for the day? There is so much on offer for people of all ages to enjoy. The United Kingdom is bursting with fun things to do and it doesn't matter where you live either!Whether if it is going out for a meal, or getting out and about, we have websites that can meet your every need.For some great options, why not check out : or 

LinkedIn Company webpages

We have had these for awhile, hiding in the background, so we felt it was about time that we bring them to the Social Media worlds attention! Let me introduce you too our Great Days Out Showcase LinkedIn webpage - As well as our Quoakle LinkedIn webpage -

Churcham Website Design

Churcham Website Design’s director, Nigel Steele, has been providing web services for over 8 years.  He set up local company, Community Pixels in August 2006 and began the massive project creating Quoakle – the innovative graphical directory.  Since then Nigel and his small team have been developing websites for a number of clients in the village as well as for other clients across the county of Gloucestershire.  Now launching as “Churcham Website Design”, the team is keen to provide affordable and adaptable web solutions to local clients and local businesses of various sizes.Churcham Website Design recognises the importance of creating a website, but also realises that this can sometimes be a daunting process. That’s why our local, friendly, staff are here to help you every step of the way. From concept to promotion – we are not only able to help, but we would love to. That’s why we are such a hit in Churcham and the surrounding area.

Quoakle Web Media

During 2009 and 2010 the Quoakle team began to broaden the range of services offered to businesses across the Gloucestershire region and now offers support to local companies in the design, development and promotion of their own website.Nigel and his team learned a lot of new skills and began drawing on the expertise of specialists with a wide range of talents. Skills ranging from graphic design and web design & development, to search engine optimization … keywords, Google adwords, from the use of Social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn to other areas of Internet marketing and website promotion … article writing, blogs, link building, from brand development to telemarketing.Having helped out with their Internet marketing, one of the first Quoakle Web Design projects was for the well-established garden services company, Greenfields Garden Services. The Quoakle team is now supporting a number of companies with web design and a broader range of website promotion services.

Community Pixels Ltd

In August 2006, Gloucestershire Head Teacher, Nigel Steele was working on his computer when he was inspired with an idea that is changing the way people search for information on the web.The “graphical directory” started with the idea that an imaged-based presentation of information – organised simply on one screen page – could be a new and exciting way of searching for information. Colourful logos and images could be used to connect consumers, quickly and easily, with a large number of local websites, just through the simple click of the mouse.The company that has been developing Quoakle during the last few years is based at Churcham, just west of Gloucester. The small family business trades under the name “” but is registered as Community, a name that aims to reflect the community ethos of the company, which wants to give all local businesses an opportunity to get known through low-cost advertising.

Outdoor Adventure in the UK

Now that Spring is just around the corner, we can all look forward to enjoying longer days and warmer temperatures! There is so much to do in the great outdoors. The UK has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.For example, why not enjoy award winning outdoor activities and days out in Go Ape's tree top adventures for both seniors and juniors, including forest segways and zip trekking. Or join Aerial Extreme for a unique, exciting and fun packed experience on their awesome High Ropes Adventure Courses? There is also Rock UK who have 4 adventure centres in stunning locations around the the UK in Kent, Northamptonshire, South Wales and the Scottish Borders. Even Treasure Trails can offer the perfect way for all ages to explore different areas across the UK!You can find these websites and so much more here : as this offers a simple guide to help families find Great Days Out in the UK!

Social Media

It is so important these days to make sure that businesses are visible across the ever changing landscape of the Social Media world! We have seen an explosion of different ways to promote businesses on the internet over the last few years.As we are a Graphical Directory, it made sense that we should optimize what is out there on the internet. A BIG player on the World Wide Web is Pinterest, so a few years ago we set up our own webpage - Another growing presence is Instagram. We only recently set up our own Great Days Out UK account.Obviously with all of these different ways to advertise, it can be time consuming for many. Trending, tweeting, hashtags, etc are always being updated every moment of the day. Because we have a wide and varied presence on the Web, we can help companies, both large and small with advertising. We have several Twitter accounts which can help businesses gain exposure as well as our Facebook pages. See, and as just some of the examples.So, feel free to get in touch.