Month: November 2012

Quoakle’s BIG Idea brings more good news for UK Businesses!

Just as people are beginning to talk about "coming out of the recession", there is more good news for UK Businesses.  Today, Tuesday November 6th, Gloucester-based Internet Company,, launches its "BIG idea" and begins giving out advertising gifts to scores of local companies! At the start of its 7th year, the Quoakle team wanted to do something a bit special.  Website promotion specialist and boss, Nigel Steele, describes Quoakle's "BIG idea"."We've enjoyed real success with the directory, getting top positions on Google and we now want to take things to the next level. What better way than by giving something away!" From this week, Quoakle starts offering FREE advertising for all company websites that fall into Quoakle's 14 diverse topics - from Restaurants to Gardening Businesses and from Wedding Services to Days Out activities.Since its launch in 2006, Quoakle's online directory has enjoyed tremendous growth through its focus on clear, simple page design, removing the clutter of too much text as well as the distraction of off-putting banner adverts. Designed by an unusual Head Teacher-Former Pupil team, Quoakle has become known for its simplicity and ease of use.  As one of its users commented, "'s a breath of fresh air!"UK companies... Read More