Month: November 2016

Great Days Out New Look

The Great Days Out website has just gone through a few look changes. A brand new background image is now visible on the website, and the homepage has a great looking header image.The new background image is the next stage of a rebranding exercise and a definite step up from the old background image. The new background image really brings out the page content. By taking the banner image from our twitter account and tiling it we were able to create a great looking website background.Once the background image had been added we felt that the homepage needed something extra. We then had the idea of adding a great quality header image to it. After a few minutes spent deciding on an image to use. It was placed onto the homepage using php.We are very pleased with the new changes!

Affordable Website Design

TCD Web Design is a Gloucestershire based website design company. Started in September, 2015 by Timothy Davis it aims to provide its customers with beautiful, simple to use websites at an affordable price.Tim is and has been closely linked with Churcham Website Design and, two parts of a creative media team based in Gloucestershire. Over the last couple of years, Tim has been involved with the setting up and preparation of several websites under the umbrella and we are proud to introduce you to his brand new website! To see some of his work you can click here : Web Design continually aims to provide affordable website design packages to it's customers at an affordable price. His aim is to put a customer's needs at the forefront of any project he undertakes.

So what’s special about Great Days Out?

So what is so special about the Great Days Out UK Directory? Well...… It’s quick and easy to use! … It’s easy to find on Google and Bing! … No reviews! … just quick access to the website of your choice! … No banner ads! Our mission is to connect our users quickly and easily with a great variety of days out activities and family attractions through a directory that is structured very simply – county by county.As a small, family-run company with a friendly approach, we look forward to working with “Days Out” businesses across the UK. 

Eat Unique in the UK

Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy creating a new website where all of our Local Restaurant websites are promoted on one page!For awhile we had them all displayed here : and we will continue to do so as it falls nicely under our 'Great' website ethos, but we wanted to update it with a better, more modern looking website. So, we can now officially introduce you all to our latest project - Eat Unique!Our concept has not changed. All we want to do is to help promote and celebrate independent restaurants in the South West and Central England. In the future there will be scope to expand this list but for now we are happy to kick this website off as it is. Go Eat Unique in the UK!