Month: April 2012

Record number of visits to Quoakle on Easter Monday 2012 – 508 visits!

The holiday weekend was always going to bring lots of visitors to Quoakle's graphical directory as internet users were looking for Days Out activities on Quoakle's popular Leisure Directory. However internet traffic coming to Quoakle was even higher than expected. Visits to Quoakle on Easter Monday April 9th 2012 set a new Quoakle record of 508 visits in one day beating the previous record set just 2 days earlier. Director, Nigel Steele, commented, " Our Days Out pages have been the most popular part of the directory for some time and this weekend's visits have underlined this fact and mean we are looking forward to the 2012 Spring/Summer holiday season with great excitement."

Quoakle Home Page Gets a New Look!

Last August, the Quoakle team began taking major steps towards the aim "to spread right across every county in the United Kingdom". The first phase saw the launch of 14 new counties, from Cornwall in the south-west to Cheshire in the north-west. The first topic within these counties was Days Out and Leisure which is beginning to feature highly on Google across England and Wales. Quoakle users are now able to flick from county to county looking for great places to visit, days out and family activities, and finding hundreds of websites with just a couple of clicks.In the last few months, Sean Cresswell, responsible for Client Development, has been expanding the whole directory across England and Wales so that there are now pages for all 14 topics across all 64 counties. The only region not covered currently is Greater London which awaits careful strategic planning.For Quoakle, the original graphical directory, navigation is very important indeed. Fulfilling the strapline - " a quick link to local websites" - means helping Quoakle users go from page to page quickly and easily, so they and you can find what you're looking for without getting lost or wasting time in the wrong part... Read More

Quoakle Visits Up 82.32% on this time last year, from Google Organic Listings!

During the last three months, from January 6th to April 5th 2012, the visits to Quoakle from Google's Organic listings have risen by an exciting 82.32% when compared with the same period last year! This is an exciting development and is largely due to Quoakle's strong performance in the Google listings from its Days Out and Leisure pages. Take a look at Quoakle's UK Days Out home page.Quoakle now has 64 County pages of links to UK Days Out websites! ... Activities for Children, Family Days Out, Adventure & Leisure Activities and Places to Visit. Visitors to Quoakle are now landing on Days Out pages for counties all around England and Wales. The highest numbers of visitors are landing on the following pages:Days Out in Gloucestershire, Days Out in Worcestershire and Days Out in Bristol. However, it's great to see an increasing number of visitors arriving at Quoakle on the pages for Days Out in Somerset and Days Out in Cornwall where Quoakle is placed No. 3 and No. 2 respectively on the Google listings. As we are only just at the beginning of the main holiday season, the Quoakle team is confident we are going to see a massive... Read More