Month: August 2010

Thank You!

During the summer holidays, the number of people visiting Quoakle has gone up by an excellent 30%!! We're really excited about this, and just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' and 'Keep going'!We are regularly receiving over 200 visits a day. As you can see from the image, the ongoing trend is definitely rising, which is extremely encouraging. Although Quoakle is seeing over 200 visits a day, this has actually amounted to over 21 000 visits to business websites this month; almost 1000 per day! We're really happy that Quoakle is continuing to promote local business quickly, easily and frequently!Days Out and Restaurant pages in Gloucestershire are the top two page listings, however there are a growing number of visitors across all the counties!If you'd like to advertise with Quoakle, please visit the contact us page on the website: for your continued support! Enjoy using Quoakle!

Away Day!

Some of the Quoakle team gathered in a beautiful area of the county, in early August, for a team strategy prayer day!The day was great fun, revealing some good insight on ways forward, as we journeyed back to see where Quoakle has come during the last four years. We were all very encouraged to see what's been achieved, and very excited about what's to come in the future.Here are a couple of pictures!