5 Best Luggage Storage Tips

You can’t keep your eyes on your luggage all day long when you are out on a trip. So here are some tips for you for better luggage storage.

1- Using right locks

You need to make sure that your bag is locked rightly when you are on travel. Select the best locks for your bag which don’t get broke and should be highly secure. The locks approved by TSA are not completely secure and their master key could be easily available to anyone. So the better option for you to have completely secure locks on your bag and if somehow you are not able to do so, then use a fastener and attach it to the zip of your bag. This way you’ll be alerted all the time and you’ll keep checking your bag. Putting no lock on the bag just because you know that no lock is safe would be a mistake. So just put a lock on your bag and make one thing sure that the lock should be thick, thick enough that no one could cut it.

2- Keep Eye Contact with the Bag

As you can’t keep your eyes on your bag all the time and if you once lose the sight of the bag, it can also go out of the mind. So the best option to take care of the luggage of yours is to put the eye on it and simply take care of it. If for some reason, you need to leave the bag unattended then never bread the eye contact from the bag. In this way, if anyone tries to steal that bag, you could immediately make noise, call someone for help or simply chase that person.

3- Be careful while using safes

When you are keeping your luggage in hotel safe, you need to be too careful as the employees could have access to the lockers and they could steal anything from your luggage and sometimes the whole luggage too. Try keeping your luggage in the most reputable storage so that there are fewer chances of theft and don’t forget to keep all the high-value things in your handbag which you’ll keep with you throughout the travel.

4- Having the right bag

When you are travelling abroad, select a tamper-proof luggage for yourself as it will lessen the chances of theft for you. It could be a bit costly but it surely saves you from any big loss.

5- Placing valuables in unorthodox places

Thieves usually search for valuables at the places they are obviously kept. Instead of keeping your cash and valuables in bag openly, you can keep them in the pockets of your dresses that are kept in luggage and then fold them, like put your cash in the pocket of a shirt and then keep it normally in the bag after folding. This trick will surely reduce the chances of theft.

So the above mentioned are some tips which will help you in handling your luggage efficiently.