Quoakle’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations!

At the beginning of October, Quoakle celebrated its third birthday.

Quoakle staff wanted to do something a bit different from the usual sort of birthday celebration and hatched a plan to help a third world charity.

Keeping it in the family, Quoakle’s Head of Web Development, Mark Finney, teamed up with dad, Steve, who works for the Christian charity, Interserve. One of Interserve’s projects is helping villages in North India get clean drinking water by digging new wells.

On Saturday 24th October, Steve drove Interserve’s promotional rickshaw into the centres of Cheltenham and Gloucester.

The weather in Cheltenham was wet and windy so not very good for busking. However, the determined Quoakle musicians still played quite a few jazz and other easy-listening songs.

The authentic, Indian rickshaw created plenty of interest on the journeys from Churcham to Cheltenham and from Cheltenham to Gloucester, driving at the front of a convoy of Quoakle vehicles.

On arriving in Gloucester’s Eastgate Street, the rickshaw was parked in the covered walkway outside BHS, where shoppers were also able to enjoy some quality busking from Quoakle staff cum musicians. On the guitar was Ben Steele, keyboard Mike Gladwell and Saxophone Tim Steele. The weather in Gloucester was fine and so hundreds of people were able to enjoy the music, as well as the children passing by receiving the colourful Quoakle balloons.
The Churcham-based company, responsible for the development of Quoakle, is hoping its third birthday celebrations will raise a few hundred pounds towards Interserve’s clean water project.