Navigation! Navigation! Navigation!

For Quoakle’s Web Design team, navigation continues to be our top priority – helping our users go from page to page really quickly … finding what they are looking for so easily.

Six months ago, Quoakle’s graphical directory was significantly upgraded through the introduction of dropdown menus and buttons for Counties and Topics, just below the header on each logo page. The new buttons made it clear especially to new users how to move around the directory.

Today marks the launch of the brand new dropdown menu design!

The new design incorporates changes to the button design and also to the way the dropdown menu works, not to mention the exciting introduction of a new button, enabling users to focus their search more specifically on a town or a city.

Special thanks to Jon Parker from Parkwood Digital for the design and coding of the new dropdown menus and to Jeremy Onion who integrated the new code into the Quoakle CMS.
Try it out now! Go to Quoakle’s UK Directory and choose your topic. If you live in Gloucestershire and are going out for the day, you’d choose Gloucestershire, then Days Out to look for local attractions and leisure activities. What a great selection! However, you’re also willing to travel a bit, and live close to Worcestershire, so now you can click on the new Counties button at the top of the page. First you need to choose the region (good for your Geography skills) … West Midlands, and then choose the county … Worcestershire by clicking on the bar. Instantly available is another page of Days Out Activities to look at … Days Out in Worcestershire . Simplicity itself!

…and if you’re not sure which region your county is in, go back to the Quoakle home page and try starting again!

The third button is the topic button enabling users to stay within their county and go from topic to topic very easily.

The image shows a user on the Gloucestershire gardening page clicking on the Topic button and choosing the link to the Gloucestershire Restaurants page.

We’re really excited about how much better the new Quoakle search experience will be for all our users! 

Please let us know what you think of the new dropdown menus and enjoy Quoakleing!