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Great Days Out has a new Theme!

Following on from our previous blog, we have continued with revamping the Great Days Out directory by completely re-installing a new theme to our website! This was something Tim took upon himself with his own initiative and boy have we seen the difference!There have been considerable improvements with the functions and layout of the website. You will see that the Home page has had a tweaks. The Great Days Out Blog has now been also relaunched as the previous version was simply not good enough and was never initiated. This will now give us the opportunity to further promote our clients, as well as hopefully helping us acquire a better Google ranking.It has been an already productive January! We will continue to do what we can to increase traffic to the directory as well as developing our other existing projects.

A little Tweak here and there

Research on how people use the internet confirms that more and more of us are using our iPhones and tablets to go online. In order to make our Great Days Out directory more easier on the eye for the user, we were able to alter the size of the county logo's as well as the category logo's, thanks to Tim's tweaking! To give you an idea of the alterations, you will see 2 pictures below. One is before the change and the other after...Before the changes...After the changesYou will see that the main webpage is more filled out. It only took a few minutes to do strangely enough, but it does make a difference!Of course there are always things we can do to improve our user's experience of the website and we will continue to do so.

A New Year beckons…

Well, didn't 2016 go fast? Where does the time go?We are slowly picking up from where we left off. One of our goals this year is to see Great Days Out perform better on the Google rankings. It does seem that Google like to change the goal posts from time to time and it does leave us second guessing as to why certain key word phrases don't appear as high as they should on Google's listings. Be assured we are doing all that we can to rectify this ongoing battle!We are also hoping that the Quoakle directory will have gone through it's complete transformation at some point during this year! Tim Coysh has been able to do a bit of work when he has been able to carve out some time. He keeps us up-to-date. We can't confirm when the new website will be live, but we are leaving it in Tim's capable hands and we will let you know when it is the finished article!So, it is onwards and upwards! We wish you all a prosperous and inspiring 2017!

Great Days Out New Look

The Great Days Out website has just gone through a few look changes. A brand new background image is now visible on the website, and the homepage has a great looking header image.The new background image is the next stage of a rebranding exercise and a definite step up from the old background image. The new background image really brings out the page content. By taking the banner image from our twitter account and tiling it we were able to create a great looking website background.Once the background image had been added we felt that the homepage needed something extra. We then had the idea of adding a great quality header image to it. After a few minutes spent deciding on an image to use. It was placed onto the homepage using php.We are very pleased with the new changes!

Eat Unique in the UK

Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy creating a new website where all of our Local Restaurant websites are promoted on one page!For awhile we had them all displayed here : and we will continue to do so as it falls nicely under our 'Great' website ethos, but we wanted to update it with a better, more modern looking website. So, we can now officially introduce you all to our latest project - Eat Unique!Our concept has not changed. All we want to do is to help promote and celebrate independent restaurants in the South West and Central England. In the future there will be scope to expand this list but for now we are happy to kick this website off as it is. Go Eat Unique in the UK!

Recent work on Instagram

The Great Days Out team have been busy with our Instagram account, and have taken the bull by the horns so to say, with promoting our clients. We had a skype call with a guy called Steven the other week, who works for a company called iMarvelĀ and we were able to pick his brains about how best to use some of the various social media outlets out there on the internet. #Hashtags were mentioned, amongst other means and ways to acquire followers and 'likes' and since then we have started to implement some of his ideas. With this in mind, we then launched our own Restaurant website: Gloucester Restaurants on Instagram too! We have been expanding our vision of Restaurants in the UK! We will give you an update in our next blog. Stay tuned. Below is a snapshot of the Great Days Out Instagram Home page...    

Autumnal Update

Well things have been progressing well with the roll out of all of the additional webpages on the Great Days Out directory!We can proudly say that all of the additional Categories are now live and functioning correctly on the website. It was quite a big task, but with Timothy Davis and Samuel Taylor's help, we were able to get them all up and running!We have had a number of clients who have been renewing with us over the summer and on into the fall. Treasure Trails and Rock UK, who are national companies, have been happy to stay with us for another year. Not forgetting of course the many smaller, family run sized businesses too! This has been a real encouragement to us as it has given us the opportunity to promote both large, medium and small companies alike!We are still getting people contacting us from all over the country as well, asking about advertising with us. This has not been limited to a certain niche in Family Attractions either, but across all Categories ; from Water sports to Arts & Crafts! With these new webpages, we are able to give a more robust advertising package to all of our clients!Below... Read More

Great Days Out is getting Greater – Update

This is just another quick update regarding what we have been doing on the Great Days Out directory!We have been continually creating new topic pages on our directory. It is ongoing work and does take time, but we can let you know that we have set up the following topics : means that there will be 12 Topic webpages which will cover the 12 Regions of the UK! These latest URL's are still in the incubation period but will be unleashed on the unsuspecting Internet world very soon! Our hope is that we will see an increase in visitors to the directory as well as increasing our Google rating. This will also give existing clients the opportunity to have more advertising links on the website. All in all, a benefit to all concerned!Below is a snapshot of the new #Arts and #Crafts webpage.

Exciting News from Great Days Out and other stuff

Over the last couple of weeks the brains behind Great Days Out have been busy looking at ways to improve the use-ability of the directory. It was felt that we needed more content but also more webpages.You will be seeing some changes on the website, where we will be launching various topics on the directory. This will give visitors a more robust experience. We have already set up 'Animals and Wildlife Parks' and from there, we will be rolling out more topics - from 'Great Outdoors' to 'Historic Buildings'! It's quite exciting to see the website expand in size and content.A few months ago we mentioned about changes to our Quoakle website too. Due to the size of the website, this will be taking a lot longer then expected. Added to this, Tim Coysh had started a new job in the beginning of the summer, so delays were inevitable. Regardless we will try to keep you all up-to-date on all of our latest news.Finally, it looks like Tim Davis won't be going to Australia until April of next year. Fortunately for us, he will be around until then which we are truly grateful for! His assistance in these various projects have been invaluable.... Read More

Australia beckons for Tim

On September 16th (in little under a months time) Tim Davis of TCD Web Design, will be flying out to Sydney Australia to attend a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Sports DTS (Discipleship Training School).Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM, we unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known.He currently still needs to raise money to get him to Australia and to take part in the lecture phase of the DTS, so here are a few links to ways that you can support him: find out more about YWAM click here: will be gone for about 6 months, so we will miss his input and his skill sets! We wish him a safe journey and that he will have a great time down under!