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An exciting New Partnership

It has been a couple of weeks since our last blog, this has been due to the fact that we have been contacting a lot of existing clients on our Great Days Out directory and have had their renewals come up. Thankfully most have decided to stay with us for another 12 months which has been fantastic for us of course!However, we have even more great news! On the 8th of June, Sarah from Family Saver Card contacted us via our Days Out UK Twitter account and asked if they could work with us. Well we were instantly intrigued and after having several correspondences with the people behind the idea, we felt we could really help them with their SEO and promoting them on our directory! We think they have a brilliant service and have a lot to offer families right across the UK! If you don't believe us then check them out for yourselves.


Here in the Quoakle office, we have been using Instagram over the last few weeks as we were aware what potential there was promoting not just ourselves but also our clients. As it stands, there are over 300 millions users of this clever app and has an ever increasing number of people coming on board.For those of you who may not be aware of Instagram, here is an excerpt taken from their own website...What is Instagram?Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We're building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos.So, we have also jumped on board! You can find us here : and here : Happy instagraming!

One of the best Telemarketing Consultants out there!

Last Friday, Nigel and Sean were able to attend Charlotte Greenman's Client Creation Mastermind course in Coleford, Gloucestershire. We have gotten to know her well and in times past had helped us with marketing and promoting Quoakle. We have found her approach to be incredibly friendly and laid back but also very informative and after just spending a couple of hours listening to her share about her knowledge and experiences in the marketing world makes you wonder how you ever managed without her!If you are a business in Gloucestershire or further afield and are unsure on how to make the most out of your advertising on the internet, then we couldn't recommend her highly enough!Here she is posing for the camera after last Friday's session. The photo below is the Great Days Out website being displayed on the large TV screen behind Charlotte.To find out more about her fantastic services, just click here : Accredited Marketing

Another recently made masterpiece…

We thought we would give you all a 'heads up' in to what we have been doing lately! We don't often get the chance to let people know about all of the websites that we have been working on, so we thought we would start by doing so with a couple that we had just recently finished.May we introduce Kingdom Kids Club as well as Kingdom Pre-School!We will try to keep you up-to-date with our latest and greatest websites!

Greenfields Garden Services Ltd

For a number of years now, Nigel Steele and the Quoakle team have been working with Chris Snell, the owner of Greenfields Garden Services Ltd. As his business was located just down the road, it was thought that we could help him with advertising his business. Since then, the Quoakle team have helped Chris create several websites as well as promoting his various businesses through Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks. It has been a very fruitful partnership and we look forward to helping them get the most out of what the internet has to offer. In fact, we are currently revamping some of their websites as we speak as well as setting up yet another website!                

Client Creation Mastermind course

Last Friday, Sean went to Coleford in the Forest of Dean to attend a workshop held by Charlotte Greenman from Accredited Marketing Ltd.Below is a photo that Charlotte took of the class! It was great to network with others who are also looking at ways to improve their sales strategy. Many ideas were explored and business cards exchanged. The course runs every fortnight and will continue into the summer. Looking forward to the next session on the 6th of May! 

More Great Days Out Banners!

We have been busy updating our banners for Great Days Out! As always, Stephen Holdstock has been busy in helping us to produce more eye catching ones. We decided that we needed to look at ways in how to better promote our services across social media. On our request, Stephen knocked up a few alternatives which are displayed below. We think these are great!You may have noticed that each one of the banners above are slightly different to each other. The first one is our standard banner. The next one is the banner for Animals, then Family attractions, Historic buildings, Indoor leisure, and finally Outdoor adventure. Already we have started to place some of them on some of our Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Work on the new Quoakle website continues

Just to let you all know from a previous entry in our blog that the work on the new Quoakle website continues unabated! Tim Coysh had recently started a new job so he has been extremely busy learning the ropes, but he is hoping to find time to complete his mission! It will still take a few more weeks to finalize everything as there is a lot for him to do. However we are looking forward to seeing the final product once it is finished and we will be keeping you all up-to-date when it will be finally unleashed onto the world!

We have a new Great Days Out banner!

Some of you may have noticed over the Easter Weekend that there has been a change in our Social Media advertising!We felt that our Great Days Out branding needed a 'touch up', so we had Stephen Holdstock from come up with a few ideas. He has been instrumental in helping the Quoakle team with website design over the years and is a valued asset.After a few ideas, we all came to a decision as to what looked the best and now what you will see across all of our Great Days Out Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Facebook accounts is our brand new banner!You can see that we have incorporated a lot of symbolism, representing various images of what the Outdoors in the UK has to offer. We hope you like it!

LinkedIn Company webpages

We have had these for awhile, hiding in the background, so we felt it was about time that we bring them to the Social Media worlds attention! Let me introduce you too our Great Days Out Showcase LinkedIn webpage - As well as our Quoakle LinkedIn webpage -