Great Days Out Directory in the World’s Top Two Million websites!

I can’t believe how long ago it is that I lasted posted on Quoakle News… 5 months!

Well so much has been happening …

  • SEO for Australian Public Speaking Trainer, Sarah Meijer
  • More Australian work for a company supplying and installing Artificial Grass.
  • The first in a series of new websites and conversions of current websites to fully responsive designs – Books for Schools using the Buntington Theme
  • New websites for Ellis Sweeps and School Playground Markings

    but the most development and growth has to be on Quoakle’s UK Days Out Directory … Great Days Out!

    It was during Autumn 2013, that the Quoakle team began developing a graphical Days Out Directory for families – Great Days Out in the UK. The domain name,, was bought quite a while earlier. It was nearly discarded as not being needed but having missed the date to cancel the renewal, director, Nigel Steele, decided to give it a go!
    The team drew on the valuable experience gained through the development of, the local business directory. They used the same geographical structure, and in addition expanded the reach to include Scotland and Northern Ireland. Stephen Holdstock again played a major part in the design.
    It is really since February 2015 that this website has begun to take off – particularly on bank holiday weekends and in school holidays. At the moment we are averaging 15,000 visits a month and we are anticipating a really successful summer! This growth is due mainly to a strong performance on Google’s search engine. Hundreds of keyword phrases are bringing new users to Great Days Out every month e.g. try out Google for “Days out in the South West” or “Days out in the East Midlands”.
    Today we have the exciting news that  is in the top 2 million websites in the world – according to!

    Today we are in position 1,976,949.