Great Days Out – Great Innovations

As the title of our latest Blog title suggests – once again we have been looking at ways to improve the usability and appearance of the Great Days Out directory!

You will see that instead of the current 103 x 103 advertising logo’s that we have been using up until now, we have increased the sizes of the individual logo’s. We believe this gives our directory a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to our users. We will be slowly rolling these out across all of the UK counties, but it will take a bit of time as there are dozens of pages to update! To have a look at just one of the new webpages, go here : Great Days Out in Gloucestershire.

We have been also letting our paying clients know of the new look and so far we have had only positive responses!

You will see that we are not just updating our existing clients’ advertising links, but also the Counties banners at the bottom of our webpages.

We hope you will be enjoying our updates and our constant quest to improve our website!