Quoakle Cards

Quoaklecards are a simple way to gain Internet presence. Whether you have a website or not, Quoaklecards can serve two purposes, they can provide you with a quick and simple page for people to find your contact details and learn a brief overview of your business and secondly: they can provide extremely competitive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your current website or business. What does that mean? Well let us explain…

Let’s take an example, Bob has a website selling fruit. He is a small business based in a small town called Littlehampton. He has a very basic website, but doesn’t get many visitors to it. He wants his website to be found when people type in “fresh fruit in littlehampton”. That’s where Quoaklecards com in. We create a QCard for Bob, which is cleverly produced to be attached to those “keywords”. Over the course of then next month, the QCard will slowly climb up Google. The QCard will have all his contact details as well as links to his website. Over the next six months – a year, not only will the QCard be near the top of Google, so will his website. Bob is happy, and Littlehampton gets lots more fresh fruit.

So if you have a website, but want to increase your Google position to help gain more online visitors – Quoaklecards are your answer. Quick, Easy and Affordable. Below are just some of the customers who have already caught onto this fantastic tool for channeling custom to your business. Alternatively, you can visit our dedicated Quoaklecards website.