Quoakle Websites Get A New Look

The Quoakle Team have been busy with all sorts of different projects for clients over the last few months and so have had little time for working on our own sites. However, last week Stephen began the upgrading process for a number of our own website templates.

First to receive the treatment was Community Pixels, a site that illustrates the breadth of our work, from Quoakle – the original graphical directory to Quoaklecards – the highly optimised one page website, and from Quoakle’s Restaurant Directories to Churcham Website Design – the website that is a focus for our local, Gloucestershire clients.

The Community Pixels website now has a new deeper rotating banner on the home page (not shown). It also has an extending header and attractive mega footer with room for lots of important links. Quoakle’s design team have gone for a smart grey for the mega footer with a bright, contemporary, light blue for the writing on the footer. As with all WordPress sites there are lots of options for sidebar or no sidebar and the use of widgets in various positions.

Next to receive a makeover was the actual Churcham Website Design website. Since 2008, Nigel and his small team have been developing websites for a number of clients in the village of Churcham as well as for clients in other parts of Gloucestershire. The Churcham Website Design site was launched to provide a local focus for the affordable and adaptable web solutions we are creating for local clients and local businesses of various sizes.

Stephen has now put this website into the same template as Community Pixels to give it a common look and feel. The mega footer and header use the same subtle and smart greys used on the new Community Pixels website. The overall look of these websites is now similar to Quoakle’s Restaurant Directories, such as Hereford Restaurants and our popular UK Days Out directory – Great Days Out.

 Next is Quoaklecards … still waiting for the upgrade.