Website navigation made easy!

Throughout the four years that Quoakle has been growing, we’ve made navigation a high priority – helping our users go from page to page quickly and easily, so they and you can find what you’re looking for.

At the bottom of each page, you may have noticed links to other topics in that county, but before now, we’ve not been able to travel from say, our ‘Days out’ page in one county over to another ‘Days Out’ in a different county. Well – now you can!

Mark and Jeremy have worked really hard to create a drop down box, that will develop over the next few weeks, allowing all our visitors to travel from county to county and stay with a particular topic.

Try it out now! Go to and choose your topic. I’ve been working a lot in the garden recently, so I’d choose Gloucestershire, then Gardening to look for local Garden Centres. I’m willing to travel a bit, and live closely to Herefordshire, and now I can ‘Choose another County’ at the top of the page, and instantly look at the Garden Centres available in Herefordshire!

We’re really excited about this new development and love using it. We’re sure you will do too!