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Activities for Children

The summer holidays are here! And so, for the time being, is the sunshine. We can only hope that the wonderfully unpredictable English weather will hold out for a few weeks longer. So whilst you've got the chance, why not take advantage of the favourable atmospheric conditions and get the kids out of the house! offers links to a wide and varied selection of activities for children, for you and your brood to choose from. From animal parks and zoos, to country houses and gardens. From pottery making and other crafts, to whitewater river rafting! Regardless of your thirst (or lack of) for wild adventure, can help you to find the perfect activity for you and your family.And even if the sunshine isn't here to stay, you can also find a variety of indoor activities on the site, helping to keep those rainy days interesting.To find your family's next day out, visit UK Days Out.

Forest of Dean Bluebells launch Quoakle Web Media’s Glorious Gloucestershire Film series

Today Quoakle launched the first video in its Glorious Gloucestershire series! The subject matter chosen centred around the beautiful bluebells in the Forest of Dean and was filmed a few weeks ago. The Glorious Gloucestershire series is Quoakle's first venture into the "world of moving pictures" and aims to promote the county of Gloucestershire, steeped in history and full of natural beauty, with its many fabulous tourist attractions. Popular with visitors from the length and breadth of Britain, as well as visitors from abroad, Gloucestershire has so much for the locals to visit too. Quoakle aims to make some the great attractions across the county more well known.   Thanks to Ben and Joe for their hard work filming and editing "Forest of Dean Bluebells".   Forest of Dean Bluebells - Glorious Gloucestershire  

Thank You!

During the summer holidays, the number of people visiting Quoakle has gone up by an excellent 30%!! We're really excited about this, and just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' and 'Keep going'!We are regularly receiving over 200 visits a day. As you can see from the image, the ongoing trend is definitely rising, which is extremely encouraging. Although Quoakle is seeing over 200 visits a day, this has actually amounted to over 21 000 visits to business websites this month; almost 1000 per day! We're really happy that Quoakle is continuing to promote local business quickly, easily and frequently!Days Out and Restaurant pages in Gloucestershire are the top two page listings, however there are a growing number of visitors across all the counties!If you'd like to advertise with Quoakle, please visit the contact us page on the website: for your continued support! Enjoy using Quoakle!

Website navigation made easy!

Throughout the four years that Quoakle has been growing, we've made navigation a high priority - helping our users go from page to page quickly and easily, so they and you can find what you're looking for.At the bottom of each page, you may have noticed links to other topics in that county, but before now, we've not been able to travel from say, our 'Days out' page in one county over to another 'Days Out' in a different county. Well - now you can!Mark and Jeremy have worked really hard to create a drop down box, that will develop over the next few weeks, allowing all our visitors to travel from county to county and stay with a particular topic.Try it out now! Go to and choose your topic. I've been working a lot in the garden recently, so I'd choose Gloucestershire, then Gardening to look for local Garden Centres. I'm willing to travel a bit, and live closely to Herefordshire, and now I can 'Choose another County' at the top of the page, and instantly look at the Garden Centres available in Herefordshire!We're really excited about this new development and love using it. We're sure you will... Read More

Quoakle team out and about

This week, a small number of the Quoakle team ventured out into local business districts in Gloucester, to spread some good news about Quoakle - the quick link to local websites. Above is a picture of them about to go into Gloucester Quays.Nigel, Sean, Maria and John took to the streets visiting shops and businesses, engaging with the public and with shop workers. They handed out our most recent leaflet 'Great things to do for the summer holidays', encouraging friends and families to check out the Days Out pages of Quoakle to see what they can do during the summer break.You can browse the Days Out and Leisure pages here and view a host of Museums, art galleries, sports, family attractions, watersports and lots more!

Quoakle’s latest advertising vehicle

Last week Simon Cardwell from Weston-Super-Mare visited Gloucester company Quoakle to give the Toyota Estima a new "Quoakle-look". Simon Cardwell has his own Company, Claron Graphics. Look out for Quoakle directors Nigel and Helen Steele, driving around Gloucester with the smart new Quoakle advertising.